Sunday, January 27, 2008

Summit #1: Mount Tecumseh

TRIP REPORT, BY EVAN: I've just climbed my first 4000-footer of the year! Mount Tecumseh. It's 4003 feet tall, which means it's the shortest of the 4000-footers. Even though Tecumseh is the shortest of the 4000-footers, it was my hardest mountain yet. That's because of all of the snow there was, and how cold it was. It was very cold at the top, and it felt like my fingers were frozen.

On the hike I saw a lot of things. I saw two dogs, and one was wearing a backpack. I saw three downhill skiers on the trail we were on (I don't think they were allowed to be there). Tecumseh is on the same mountain where there is a skiing place, called Waterville Valley. On the way down from the top, I thought that I might want to take a chairlift down because I was really tired, but there was one problem: if the chairlift people did let us go down, we'd have to walk across the ski area, which isn't a good idea. Anyway, by the time we got down to where the chairlifts are, we were more than halfway down, and I had changed my mind.

I'm really proud that I've started this project and now since so many people have donated money, I'm committed to doing it. One mountain down, nine more to go!

Here are some pictures of the trip . The first one is me and my dad at the summit, holding a flag of the earth. One of my Nana's friends gave me the flag with her donation, and suggested that I hold it up at the top of each mountain. To see more pictures of our hike yesterday, click here.

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